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Friday, December 14, 2007

A day with serene and yilian~

me & yilian

>.<~ See serene's face and my face~ See the fats difference??? xD

Went to take the train to Bugis.

- Irony -

Went to take photo stickers~ Took this white waiting for the stickers to finish printing..

sereneeeee & me!

again~~ n_n

3 of us

Oh, and also took photos at the outside of parco. Niceee lightings~

HMm, pardon my low-quality camera. Hee~

Off-ed the flash~ Nice hor??~~

Full view.

yilian & me


~ serene & me ~

Then walked over to bugis street. Most of the stalls are starting to close liao. Bought ear studs as usual. Lolx. Bought a gingerbread man for the upcoming festive season~ (= Then walked walk walk, and serene caught sight of the dress I liked earlier at far east! AwwwWWww~~ Tried on 2 and decided to buy one of it. =D

That's the end of Fun Day Number 1.

Fun Day Number 2.

Karaoke session at KBox with yilian and serene again~ Hur hur hur~~~ But quite ex that day. Unlike that day I sang with olidear. 12 plus for 6 hours~ That day one was 22 plus!! >.<" Anyway, photos!

dark dark~

Our 101th favourite pose...


Ya.. again. Haha~

ling ling ling~~

serene & yilian

serene & me

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Birthday Celebration with my Gang!

Making a wish.

My cake like on fire like that.


Awww.. I love them.. I love you too, liling!

Oh, and that's my file in the foreground by the way. Haha~

Haha~ Darling says, "Let's act cool!".. But min and me cannot eh.. haha~


I think this is nice..

My darling sleeping.. wahaha~

Wahlao.. My face really getting bigger.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Didi's Birthday

See. Behind us no one sia~

Family photo~

TOok this while waiting for papa & mama.

Actually took alot. But this one ncest ba. Haha =D

Didi making a wish~

Quan Jia Fu

Didi blowing candles. Like monkey right?! xD


So this is the jersey I got for him. Nice? Say it's nice!!! My wallet one BIG BIG hole.

Next one up! Went out with nungky and liling on 4 Nov. Went far east and cineleisure. Oh went to the new Hong Kong eating place in Cineleisure. I forgot the name. Haha. Had this big big mango ice kachang. NICEEEeee~

The lightings very nice right?


Eh no, it's the box actually..

THE CAKE!! Nice right~ mummy bought from polar.

Made a wish.. Another wish.. AND another wish... (=

Then I played with didi. Wahahaha~~~~

I didn't know didi's upper body is soo long!

see! machiam skirt lidat.


Attack of the doggie!!


This is didi's present. Very cute leh! You hit it hor, it will go BOINK! Wahahaha~~~~

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My eee peng you~

all of us hard at work.

Then alan climbed on top of his study table..

And took us! xD

Me and my eee friends !

me, shaoqing, junmian and shikai

And so.. back to work!

But alan was so fascinated with taking photos.. Haha~~

Me and my new found lover. Lolx~~ She's shaoqing. I put kitty there cuz I looked zao geng. LOOKED~ But I'm not.. BUt.. aiya.. very paisei.. :S